Sunday, March 21, 2010


 I freakin' love succulents. (source: here)

Week Seven
Senior Focus Field Work Log Dates: March 14th-March 21st
Name: Isabella Whitney
Monday: 7 hours; printed out survey, photographed survey, posted survey on blog & flickr; indie business 2.0 two lessons, made my etsy a shop (, edited Etsy shop, researched bigcartel and other shop hosts, made and purchased font, video-chatted with mentor, prepared for pull-out day presentation,
Tuesday: 5 hours; check blog, wrote journal entry, researched brand videos, checked out to make my own site, made bigcartel store, 
Wednesday: 4 hour; researched best prices on organic t-shirts, ordered samples of guys and girls white organic t-shirts, researched prices on t-shirts from popular apparel companies, looked for photo shoot locations in alpine and englewood, talked to lower classmen about effortless girls for modeling, emailed models, talked to my aunt (who worked in design) about it, she thinks the boat has all positive references, easy to reproduce, simple, yet has nice lines, powerful from a distance, 
Thursday: 1 hour; blogged, received t-shirts, indie biz, made quickbooks 
Friday0 hours
Saturday:  1.5 hours; blog-hopped, wrote journal entry

Sunday: 1.5 hour; uploaded Photoshop and Illustrator, decide on hairstyles for models photoshoots

P.S. I am currently in new Orlenes and will be back soon to update some great architecture and inspiration.

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