Monday, March 15, 2010

design! design! design!

week #6 entry #2 03/07-03/14: academic journal
designs #1 by driftwear.

This week I focused on this question: 
  • What designs are most attractive to my audience? 
After sketching some designs last Sunday, I shared them with my FOCUS group on Monday.  I was nervous and did not plan on showing them anything, but they begged to see them, so I couldn't resist.  They took to my designs so well and liked them very much.  I asked everyone to put a check next to his or her favorite designs.  I also asked people in the senior lounge and around the cafeteria for their input as well.  The favorite ones seem to be the owls, bears, the boat, and luggage.  Some people really like the days of the week one too. I think I will do at least one bear one, one owl one, a boat, and some luggage.  I also began to survey which neck-cut people prefer when wearing a white t-shirt with a black design. I plan to do a more formal survey this week.
survey by driftwear.

Today I made my own font.  I think this is an important part of branding that I can use with my sticker, etsy, and blog.  It looks kind of childish, but I like it.  Once i straighten it out, it will be good.

 (source: here)

My mentor and I talked about picking models.  His advice was to pick role models and trendsetters.  I was torn if I should pick models from all the grades or to stick with the older students.  I thought that if I picked models from all grades I would be able to network easier and to get more people excited.  However, I don;t know if having younger models would prevent older kids from buying. I think I will try to stick with older models.

This week I will be working on transferring designs to the computer, doing as survey on neck-lines, ordering stickers for promotion, making a banner for etsy & the blog, making a logo for inside the shirts, e-mailing models, creating an icon for etsy and flickr, and thinking through a brand video.  There is much to be done!

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Amarettogirl said...

So wheres the font?? I want to see! Also as for the rec to have trendsetters and models (love it) I think you should have a mix of younger and older students BUT have them each be targeted just to that age group in out of the box marketing. When you're going to have -one model one target than go with the older.
Again just my opi,