Sunday, March 7, 2010


Okay, so I've been meaning to make a calendar for awhile.  I gotta get organized!

Week March 7th-14th
Tuesday 3/9th:
-order stickers
Friday 3/12th
-design three good shirt designs
Sunday 3/14th
-edit website, even if it's just a logo and says "coming soon"
-get etsy shop, flickr

Week March 14th-21st
Wednesday 3/17th
-have three more shirt designs
-do survey on which neck-cut like best (boat-neck, crew-neck, v-neck)
Thursday 3/18th
-walk around at lunch with designs on bristol board seeing what people like
 Friday 3/19th
-silkscreen at least 3 shirts, basic drift design that I need for brand video
-walk around at lunch with designs on bristol board seeing what people like

Sprint Break Weeks March 21st-28th & Week March 28th-April 4th

Sunday April 4th
-make 100 paper boats with clear string to attach
-draw out frame-by-frame brand video ideas
-create brand video & release to public
-pick models
-dream up next guerrilla advertising project
-design more shirts if necessary
-start planning presentation structure, order anything I may need

Week April 4th-11th
Monday April 5th
-put up all paper boats
Wednesday April 7th
-create all screens
-plan props for photo-shoot
Friday April 9th
-print shirts for photo-shoot 
Sunday April 11th
-have photo-shoot

Week April 11th-18th
Monday April 12th
-put up more guerrilla posters and unique advertisement
Tuesday April 13th
-edit all photo-shoot pictures
Thursday April 15th
-update Etsy shot with pictures
Friday April 18th
-make business cards
Sunday April 18th
-research and decide on packaging

Week April 18th-25th
Sunday April 25th
-advertise, advertise, advertise,
-prepare for presentation
-get sizes of t-shirts for panel

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