Monday, March 1, 2010


Oh, Mr. Van Gogh, I wish I could paint like you.

Week Four
Senior Focus Field Work Log Dates: Feb 21st-28th
Name: Isabella Whitney

Monday: 2 hours; blog entry, read Handmade Nation, blog-hopped,
Tuesday: 1 hour; finished The Handmade Nation, blog-hopped,
Wednesday: 5 hours; read bios of class teachers, researched names, look-up Etsy history, create names, drew logos, hopped around Etsy, blog-hopped, edited blog, worked on journal #1,
Thursday: 7 hours; blog-hopping, messing around with HTML on the blog and searching for a new layout that I can edit, drew logos, finished and posted first journal, commented on other blogs, interviewed Aliza (1.5 hours!), worked on inspiration board
Friday: 1 hour; worked on inspiration board, blog-hopped,

Saturday:1 hour; read Why We Buy, read bio for teacher of Indie Business,

Sunday: 3 hours, wrote journal entry, read why we buy, video chatted with chris, blog-hopped, read course outline, and teacher's story,


Morganism said...

Hey, you. Email me a picture of someone you'd like me to screen print, yeah? Zoomed-in, high-quality pictures work best! <3

rachel! said...

this is such a cool blog! you're starting a business for class? is this an independent class? i'm so interested! and i found you off the indie club excited about that!

Amarettogirl said...

Hey where's my awesome ID lesson in all of this :)) or was that this weeks logs? Anyway so good to see you moving so far so fast! There are parts of your most recent process you should blog about, I'm sure lots of followers (like me) would find it UBER helpful!