Saturday, March 6, 2010


week #5 entry #1 02/28 - 02/07: personal journal
Big strides this week. I have my own drift url and blog just for drift. :D You'd be surprised by how time-consuming that process can be!  I'll post links when I have some progress on them!

I also have pretty much finished my inspiration board.  A lot of inspiration came from Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters, pretty popular brands at school.  Anthropologie has this sophistication, yet whimsical style, which I just adore.  I also printed out pictures from the internet.  You may spy a clip from Manhattan, some paper boats, homemade tepees, Zooey Deschanel (<333), some gypsies, and more!  I find that UO and Anthropologie give off a kind of sad vibe sometimes in their catalogs. I'm hoping to evoke a happier vibe filled with a lust for life and travel, a genuine curiosity and environmental consciousness.  I am not looking to create a new "i'm so green!" business.  I want an environmental commitment build into the foundation of the brand, not something to brag about.  I have the very clear image for drift, but I still have to get it all into words!  So all is well.  I'm hoping to finish my logo by the end of the day or tomorrow and to order stickers and make another Etsy account. My Science test had to push my logo work back this week

It's frustrating making designs.  It's hard to make things that will appeal to my target audience. But, I'm working, dreaming all day, I'm going to come up with some great stuff. I'm feeling optimistic. My Indie Business class has kind of started, which is really exciting. I just need to decorate my Indie Portfolio.

This week's Inspiration 
Aside from selling super unique, awesome glasses, Schwood's webiste is simple and clean. They have a streaming video and a simple menu. I think something clean like this would be nice for my URL with a shop link to Etsy, a blog link, etc.  It would be really cool to do a streaming video of some paper boats.

Song Inspo, potential runway songs:
Kisses by Kisses & Rhinestone Eyes by Gorillaz

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