Sunday, March 7, 2010


week #5 entry #2 02/28 - 03/07: academic journal

This week I focused on this question: 
  • What logo is most appealing to my audience? (which I'd like to change into: What goes into the creation of a logo?)

 Since the beginning of drift, I have had a picture in mind for my logo.  After shopping around in Barns and Noble one day, I started window shopping in the mall. Petit Bateau, a children's clothing store, had a charming and whimsicle window layout of a huge paper boat.  It was beautiful in its simplicity and it was a unique take on their logo and name.  I didn't come back to this source of inspiration until I had come up with a list of names.  Drift seemed to speak to me the most.  Additionally, it was quite flexible and I thought I could expand my store to include more than shirts in the future.

The image of a boat tied surprisingly well with the name.  I decided to stick with a paper boat because it is something that can be easily made, even made on the road.  The origami boat has a very simplistic, yet sophisticated look.  Boats also can be a more environmentally friendly way to travel.  Plus, I have always been fond of paperwork in my own independent art.

A few movies with great art direction, The Science of Sleep (La Science des rêves) (image: here) and Where the Wild Things (Image: here) are, have a dreamy connotation with boats. A boat takes Max to a new world full of excitement and adventure.  In The Science of Sleep, Stéphane (the main character, Gael García Bernal) has a crush on Stéphanie and sees that she has created a boat made from wool. She tells him that she dreams of filling with a forest.  The main chaacter accuses her of never finishing anything, but he later finds that she has added the trees to her boat.  In his own dreams, the boat carries the two of them away.
Sorry it's not in English! Ciao! :)


Unknown said...

i really appreciate the name of your blog. i love boats, paper boats. If you come to brazil, lets drink a coffee. my contact, if you want.

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