Tuesday, March 9, 2010


 (source: here)
Week Six 
Senior Focus Field Work Log Dates: March 7th-March 15th 
Name: Isabella Whitney
Monday: 2 hours; designing, surveying favorite shirt designs, indie business lesson,
Tuesday: 3 hours; designing shirts, indie business lesson, made a drift e-mail and etsy account, edited proposal and e-mailed adviser, (driftwear@verizon.net & www.driftwear.etsy.com)
Wednesday: 1 hour; talked to mentor, indie business lesson,
Thursday: 1.5 hours; made a driftwear flickr, decided on models, blog-hopped, got Bristol board,
Friday1 hour; blog-hopped, inspiration hopped (J.Crew, win!)
Saturday:  3.5 hours; edited flickr, took photos of designs, wrote journal entries, bought silk-screens and searched for ideas for backdrops for fashion show,
Sunday: 1 hour; made survey for shirt-cuts for men & women, saw rodarte exhibit at cooper-hewitt,

(source: here)

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