Saturday, April 24, 2010

Late Hours & my First Love Package

week #10 entry #1 04/19-04/26: personal journal
Drying driftBEARs
Holy cow, it's week 10! Focus is coming to a close.  (At least writing journals is coming to a close) I still have a lot of work to do to prepare for my presentation and portfolio, which seems kind of overwhelming right now.  So it is 1:25AM and I am still up making shirts. My body is getting tired, but I honestly do not mind making the shirts.  The boring stuff is ironing, folding, and washing screens.  These are the kind of tasks I need an assistant's help with.  Anyone interested... heh... seriously? :) But, I do like making the shirts.  I have to be very careful not to get ink on the rest of the shirt and I get to fill in spots where there isn't enough paint with a paintbrush.  However, lately it has been exhausting.  I have had Calliope (the literary arts magazine) meetings everyday late after school.  I am so lucky I have not had a lot of other assignments due recently.  I screened 8 shirts tonight!  I need to make a bunch more. I want to finish ironing and folding those in addition to creating a few new ones.

I got my first love package! Two of my blog readers, Austen and her mom, have been following driftwear since the beginning.  Austen said "Congratulations on your launch!" and handed me a package.  I was awfully surprised to receive any driftwear love token.  I didn't know anyone was as excited as me about the launch! I am so happy to have such supportive fans.  But anyways... the gift was in an Anthropologie bag and I knew it had to be good.  Inside was a beautiful notebook with paper made in India bound with beautiful mustard color thread with twig colored pencils.  The gifts were so cool and so driftwear.  I totally loved them and hope to sketch out the Summer line in the notebook!
1st driftwear Love Package

I am trying to keep driftwear in people's heads and stimulate my fans so I also thought it'd be a cool idea to see how different people style their driftwear t-shirts.  So I have a contest to be posted on the website: driftwear How do you rock your driftwear tee? Upload a photo and have a chance to be showcased on the driftwear website! So post a picture on the driftwear fan page for a chance to be featured on  Thanks everyone for your support. I really appreciate it. After seeing how many sales I had in one week, I was so psyched. You guys are the best.

Drift on,


Amarettogirl said...

this was just so sweet and so wonderful - congrats!

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