Monday, April 19, 2010


 (source: here)
Week Nine

Senior Focus Field Work Log Dates: April 12th-April 19th
Name: Isabella Whitney
Monday: 2.5 hours; sorting through photo-shoot pictures, washing & ironing shirts, indie biz,
Tuesday: 4 hours; drew the driftwear & .com font on bristol board, read non-fiction tee's descriptions, looked at different examples of t-shirt descriptions on Etsy, read an article about product descriptions on Etsy, looked at Urban Outfitters t-shirt product descriptions, talked to Ms. Diaz about a possible giveaway, E-mailed models about pre-launch offer, got sales, packaged sales, made shipping labels and business cards
Wednesday: 2.5 hours; screening shirts
Thursday/Friday: 30 minutes; designing website ideas, (college trip)
Saturday: 1 hour; designed all the mock up website pages
Sunday: 10 hours; added "driftwear, Photo by Harrison Co" on like 60 photos for facebook, printed shirts, made a sizing chart and looked at other sizing charts on etsy,

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