Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the blues

Week #2 Entry #1 02/07 - 02/13

I forgot to upload my journal entries for last week... here is one:

When my FOCUS adviser said focus can be lonely at time, I laughed. Didn't really believe her until now... I guess the double snow days kind of contribute to this, but I can't help but feel a little isolated. Tuesdays I don't have to go into school until 12:30. Sometimes it feels like I never get to see my friends because of my freak schedule. Plus, I have club meetings during Monday and Tuesday lunch, and typically my friends eat early. Additionally, work is overwhelming.
I am trying to create my own brand identity, product, running website, and become recognizable on campus in less than 10 weeks.
Awesome.. Sometimes I just don't know where to start or if what I'm doing is even going to help me down the road. Plus, it is SO frustrating doing an artistic related project. I feel like the program doesn't understand that I need to sit around for hours on end searching through blogs to see what is popular and to get inspiration. Getting inspiration can come from anything. I could be watching Annie Hall and suddenly come up with a brilliant idea that could be the breakthrough to an amazing company name. However, watching Annie Hall doesn't look as good on paper as doing a lab. It's annoying. All venting aside,things are beginning to look a little better. Ms. Diaz found an awesome online class, that is absolutely perfection for my project that I will talk about in my second journal. I am really psyched. In the class, I'll have structured homework and connection to a community of people doing the same thing as me, which is the solution to feeling so blue. It's really cool, but I'll wait until my other entry to share all the good news.

All things considered, this past week was pretty productive. Aside from blog-hopping, a term I made up to describe the process of looking at all the blogs that I follow for updates, I have been reading a lot. Also I found an excellent book. When I was out buying a Valentine's Day gift at Barns and Noble, I peeked through the crafts section and found The Handmade Marketplace just laid out right before my eyes like a message from God. I could not have found a more perfect book for my project. (I'll talk about what good information I have learned from that source in my other entry.) It is also so pleasing to look at. The illustrations are beautiful and inspiring in themselves. Like Six Week Start-Up does not make me want to cuddle up in bed to read. Six Week Start-Up reminds me of an army sergeant.


Sir, yes, sir. Thankfully, I don't know if Six Week Start-Up will be useful at all with my project. I think it is better suited for people who are trying to make the big time, not me just yet. My other book, Craft Inc., is proving to be helpful, but not as helpful as I had hoped. However, I can't judge it, I haven't finished it yet.

Oh yes, I have very very good news! I have scheduled an interview with Mrs. DeVito's daughter who has worked with major Fortune 500 companies and has a ton of experience in branding and marketing. I hope this interview will be helpful. She may be more knowledgeable about the big time companies, rather than my little project, but I am still so excited to talk with her. She will probably be very helpful in pointing me in the right direction when it comes to starting a brand and what makes a good name-type of stuff. I have to make a list of questions in the coming week to prepare.

Personal Goal for the Week: Don't get so stressed! It is a huge waste of time. There are a million creativity-sparking things that I can do that will be productive for my project and will make me happy as well. Okay, that's all for now.

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