Saturday, February 20, 2010

I could spend forever getting inspired

week #3 entry #1 02/14 - 02/21

Hello! I am proud to say I have 6 followers! Hooray! It's so exciting to have people interested and excited about my project. I am so psyched! My class begins soon and I cannot wait. A lot of reading was done this week in addition to a ton of creative thinking. The Handmade Marketplace is really a great source of information. There are so many successful talented people who are feature in the book that it's impossible not to get something out of it. I'm hoping to try to read most of the rest today. Hopefully homework will not interfere.

I really should scan some of the inspiration pieces I cut out. The inspo book looks pretty good. On another note, I need to contact Mrs. DeVito's daughter on Monday to set up a time to interview her. This past week FOCUS students had panels to enhance our topics. I attended one on interviewing and self-creating something. Both of which were helpful. I'm going to have to craft some good, helpful questions. I may send them to Dr. Brown who knows so much on the topic. This week I also revamped my blog. Like the new layout? Picture? Banner? Links? I'm happier with it than before, however, I'd like a new banner with the name on it. I'm hoping to edit it a bit more, but it works for now.

I feel okay about my work this week. It's not like I'm not reading and doing stuff, but Colin is right: I need to get a list of deadlines. I could spend forever getting inspired, reading, and editing my blog. It’s critical to my project, but I need to move forward. Today I am going to clean up my work space (workspace above from here.) and add a calendar so I can keep track of my time and use it most efficiently and get cracking tomorrow and Tuesday. I wish I had a workspace as beautiful as the one above! (I'll post a plan of action for this week later today.) I think that moving past the research stage will happen organically during this week because I have my interview with Mrs. DeVito’s daughter, who has years of experience with marketing and branding. I hope to have a good list on questions to ask her and maybe I’ll have some names that I can show her when we meet. This will help me move past this name phase, which has been driving me crazy.

Goals for this week:

  • Come up with interview questions
  • Draw a picture of me for the blog
  • Create name and survey
  • Edit proposal

Accomplishing these things this week will keep me moving forward and keep me productive in my work. I also hope to rework my proposal this week to add some dates and add my class, which will be taking up a significant amount of time. Additionally, I would like to add “How to create interview questions?” or something about the topic of interview questions in my guiding questions because I feel that that may turn out to be an important part of my project. Then again, I’m thinking that interviews may not be essential to my project after all. I’ve been reading a ton in Handmade Nation and I don't know if I should conduct them myself. Perhaps, I could fix my proposal to do only like 3 interviews at the max. I just feel like the other parts of my project are so much more important.

Next week, I should maybe start some secret ad-campaign, to raise awareness about what is to come and to get people talking at school about something mysterious. I am very excited to do this. Maybe a huge mysterious bear banner (image from here) in the Klein hallway? Maybe some self-drawn characters? Not sure yet. I am psyched for this. More mischief to come.


Anonymous said...

Iz, your workspace is beautiful

Kari said...

Make that 7 followers! I love what you're doing and I'm thrilled beyond belief that you are finding The Handmade Marketplace helpful! Please feel free to use me as a resource if you need to. When I wrote my book I was hoping someone like you would find it and use it. You are helping to make my personal dream come true! Thank you!

Amarettogirl said...

Scoralicious!!! you just got the author of your book to comment!!! I've had that in the past and there is no greater blog glory!! Congrats. Now look get the mysterious Guerilla ART thing going soon Chris Lo championed this too - so chat with him about it. I think its a brilliant marketing strategy!

p.s. even Algrant sent me pics of your awesome Winter Formal decor - why haven't you blogged about it yet??