Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the name game

week #4 entry #1 02/21 - 02/28: personal journal
(source: saved on my computer, if you know, please let me know!)

I have broken this post into two parts: frustration and success.
If you would like to skip the frustration, please scroll down. :)

Deciding on a brand name is like pulling teeth. I have a lot of ideas, but so many of them are taken, or just don't work. It gets frustrating when I find what I think is a gem, and someone doesn't get it or doesn't like it. Or when I'm thinking and thinking and nothing comes my way. I want to bang my head against my desk. I'm hoping to come up with something by Sunday and have a survey ready for my FOCUS group (in my independent study a group of 6 students and an adviser meet once a week to discuss our projects) and Sunday is my first self-imposed deadline. I'm sure if I didn't make a deadline it would come to me so easily. Has anyone else dealt with this? Any advice?

Also, HTML? Yeah, I'm not the #1 fan of HTML. Blogger makes it easy to pick one of their layouts, but I'm looking for something a little more pro and I'm not exactly the HTML-master. I used to be pretty good at myspace and xanga layouts back in the ol' days, but this stuff is driving me nuts and is making me very frustrated. I was thinking of perhaps having a layout made for me, but that requires money, something I'm not quite ready and able to spend at this time. Urg. Any helpful HMTL sites or great simple layouts that you can recommend?

However, I did have a turning-point in my project this week. On Monday, the author of my indie-business-bible (The Handmade Marketplace), Kari Chapin, commented on my blog. (she has a charming website) I couldn't stop smiling all day. I am so happy to have her support! (!!!) I am also psyched to have my work space generally spruced up. Even though the weather here has been so dreary, my space is bright and clean.

Tomorrow, my mentor, Chris, and I are having a conference. One of his designs is displayed here. We're going to talk about my blog, an ad campaign, my possible names, and all the advice he can give me. It's hard to believe that I have access from so many knowledgeable sources. Also, I am supposed to chat with another pro in the field this week too. I'll let you know how that turns out!

Also: Great Success! I talked to Aliza today and she agreed to be a mentor and she was so so so so helpful.  More to come on that!  Plus, I am working on HTML and have made some simple changes.  HTML, I will conquer you!

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Amarettogirl said...

love seein' the new word play up there on the banner...have you considered lowercase? I'm all about the lower case and the strong statement that makes. Also how about having that boat you were speaking of on waves that look like your old' black and white line work? As for frustration that comes with the territory and only good things grow from them seeds! Speaking to Chris will be great because he is great with all that html stuff! Like your workspace...but where's Chris' design that you mentioned? Anyway persevere it will be all worth it!