Sunday, April 25, 2010


week #10 entry #2 04/19-04/26: academic journal
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This week I focused on this question:
  •  What packaging is environmentally-conscious, but maintains a professional appearance?
Last week in my Environmental Science class, we talked about how often there is so much excess packaging in a box.  For example, you could order a plastic ring.  the ring is wrapped in paper then put in a box and the box is wrapped in paper and it has a ribbon around it, then it is covered in plastic wrap, which is put in another box.  And now you have wasted so much packaging on one little ring and all the packaging is probably going to be thrown away.
So I've been doing a lot of thinking an research about sustainable packaging.  The first step is reducing the packaging as a whole. I am sending a shirt.  A shirt really cannot be damaged, therefore I do not need bubble wrap. I could potentially send the shirt in a tube.  The tube is cardboard, recyclable and the two plastic plugs at the end are recyclable.  Currently, I have been using 5x4x3 boxes, neatly folding the shirt, wrapping the shirt in one piece of tissue paper, and slipping a business card with a note into the collar of the shirt. I tape up the box and stick on a label.  I also silk-screened the side of the box with a boat design.  This worked out pretty well.

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It is reasonably priced and easy, however, I don't think it has the most professional looking appearance.  Additionally, I would also have to raise my shipping prices because $2 is already spent on the box. So I looked harder for more packaging ideas.  I found inspiration in packages sent from abroad.  I liked the European feel of wrapping a box in brown paper.  The brown paper is simple, but makes the box an even canvas.  I can stick on a label and tie some twine around it, and perhaps even use some beautiful stamps.  This is what I would like to do for the future. It fits right in with the driftwear whimsical, earthy feel, but also does not seem too amateur.
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It also may be interesting to wrap boxes in maps. It would be very beautiful.  If I can find some old books with maps in them on the library discard cart, this may be perfect.  My goal is to make receiving a driftwear product a fun occasion.  It is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.  It is so difficult to balance price, sustainability, and appearance!


Anonymous said...

love the use of maps (something that provides direction) to wrap things for drifters

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